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tldr; made a new website showing the top companies in the US sorted by market capitalization. Market Cap Leaders.

On Friday I did a search to see the top companies by market cap, and although there were a slew of news articles about the leaders changing places and reaching new highs, there wasn't much close to a straight up list. So I decided it would be a fun project to make a website that was just a list of the companies by market cap.

Turns out the calculation for market cap isn't 100% up to date at all times because there are only set points quaterly where public companies have to disclose the number of shares outstanding. However you can use the last number of shares outstanding reported multiplied by the latest price to get a close as possible (without stepping into predictive territory).

For the website I had to use a couple different sources to pull the list of companies as well as fetching the latest stock quotes (without tripping any API limits) in order to get all the data I needed.

Once I had a working app, just needed a domain name, so I went with the very unimaginative

Benjamin Kaiser

Benjamin Kaiser

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