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My latest project is dedicated to resizing images in the browser, and doing it fast! When uploading images to online places that don't pre-process images, it is useful to be able to quickly down-scale the image to a rough size and export it in a friendly format (jpeg, webp). Sadly, most tools today require many clicks to get this done and can be quite painful to do repetitively. This is why I went about creating Fast Image Resize to solve this exact pain-point.

With "Fast Image Resize," you can now resize images with remarkable speed and simplicity. The first step is to visit the project website here. To resize your images, select the "auto size" you desire, then simply drag and drop your images onto the page, and watch as the tool instantly resizes them. Whether you're a developer, designer, or someone who frequently works with images, this tool will save you heaps of time.

To make the tool even better, "Fast Image Resize" offers additional options for handling the resized images. You can choose to automatically download the resized images to your local machine, or you can copy them directly to your clipboard for easy integration into other applications or projects. The tool's focus on simplicity and efficiency ensures a seamless experience, eliminating the need for complex installations or bulky software. Give "Fast Image Resize" a try, and experience the convenience of quickly resizing images to your desired resolution with just a few clicks.

Here are the full instructions:

  1. Visit the Fast Image Resize website.
  2. Define the desired image size by adjusting the bounding box.
  3. Drag and drop your images onto the interface.
  4. Watch as the tool automatically resizes the images to your specified dimensions.
  5. Choose to download the resized images or copy them to your clipboard for further use.

If you notice any problems, feel free to submit an issue.

Benjamin Kaiser

Benjamin Kaiser

Software Engineer working on the SharePoint team at Microsoft. I'm passionate about open source, slurpess, and Jesus.
Gold Coast, Australia

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