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To all my blog readers, this will be a rather boring post. It is simply a publicly viewable snapshot of things in my life on my 18th birthday. If you want to know things I am into, or random things about me, then please, read on.



Currently I listen to a bunch of different styles of music. I still have a lot of love for Hardstyle and other EDM, but have varied significantly. I will briefly list genres I listen to and select artists from them:


Piano solos, Chopin, Franz Liszt, Eric Satie, Camille Saint-Saens

Christian EDM

Hillsong (The White Album Remix Project)

Christian Rap

Predominantly Social Club, sometimes Lecrae

Clean Metalcore



Brokencyde and Dot Dot Curve


Hilltop Hoods


Adventure Club and various artsits from UKF Dubstep Albums


The Medic Droid, Ghost Town, Metro Station, Pierce the Veil, BOTDF


The Magic Show Podcast (lots of various hardstyle artists in a 3 hour mix)


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, RÜFÜS, various MOS artists

Movies / TV Shows

My favourite movie at this point in time is Mr. Nobody (2007). A beautiful film starring Jared Leto about choices and the paths they lead to.
I watch a few TV shows, and love watching the following when they air:The Walking DeadHouse of CardsGame of ThronesI am also making my way through Dexter and am midway through season 6 at the moment.


I don't game a lot, but when I game on PS3 it's usually playing COD with Josh. And when I game on PC it is usually Battlefield under Windows (sadly). Waiting for a AAA FPS to come to Linux, or a great open source FPS



Currently I run Arch Linux with i3 as the window manager (see older posts for more info).

Personal Projects

The main project I am working on at the moment (when I have time) is my open source node.js based music player

Software I use

On Linux

Google Chrome
Atom Editor (recently changed from sublime text)
Thunderbird for mail (until a better one with similar functionality presents itself, perhaps Geary when I no longer need POP3)
Terminator for terminal emulator using zsh with a custom prompt
Nemo (nautilus fork by Linux Mint) for my file manager
Node Music Player (my music player)

On Phone

News/Entertainment - Pulse, 9gag, xkcd browser
Games - Dots, Whale Trail, Robot Unicorn Attack
Utils - SSHDroid, Simple Ukulele Tuner, Speedtest, ASTRO File Manager, Network Monitor
Other - Google Play Music (until the node-music-player app is released), Google keep, Holy Bible by Youversion.

Internet Services

Google (drive, docs, calendar, gmail) (great file storage service with Linux support)
Github for public repos and bitbucket for private repos.
Linode (Linux VPS hosting)

Hardware I use

Desktop - Custom build PC with 16GB ram, Nvidia GTX 670, 2x256GB SSD and 1x3TB HDD, two 2560x1440 Dell Monitors, Ducky Shine 2 Mechanical Keyboard and Razer Naga Mouse

Laptop - Samsung Series 9 15" ultrabook (also have a Samsung chromebook that Jack is using)

Phone - Nexus 5

Tablet - None. Awaiting Nexus 10 2 (if it ever comes)

TV - 60" LG Plasma shared with my brother (that he uses for COD most the time)

Benjamin Kaiser

Benjamin Kaiser

Software Engineer working on the SharePoint team at Microsoft. I'm passionate about open source, slurpess, and Jesus.
Gold Coast, Australia

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