How to Install Marble's Python Bindings

Yesterday I posted about the current state of the Marble Python bindings, however there was one key element missing, installation instruction for the bindings themselves. So today I have created a .

Current State

Currently the instructions specify installing the relevant dependencies (PyQt and SIP) for your Linux distribution. They then go on to download and compile Marble from source with the Python binding support enabled.
This page currently contains instructions for installing on some major Linux distributions including Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/RHEL, OpenSUSE and Arch (which should generally apply to a lot of other distributions also).

What could be Improved

One thing that could greatly improve the installation process is to have the Marble Python bindings packaged and in the repositories of some Linux distributions. This would reduce the installation instructions to a one-liner. So to all you package maintainers reading this would you consider packaging the compiled file as a package for your distribution with dependencies on python-pyqt4 python-sip and marble.

One unknown area is if the bindings compile correctly and run on Windows and Mac OSX, so if anyone in the community is willing to test support for these platforms it would be great if you could contribute back to saying how to compile for the tested platform. Check back at the source link in the future to see progress on platforms supported by the Marble Python bindings.

Need Help?

Something go wrong while installing? Shoot an email to
If you had a problem while installing and worked out a solution that you want to share with others, feel free to make amendments to the installation instructions wiki page.
KDE Techbase - Installing Marble's Python bindings

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