Dynamic Tagging in i3

I have recently been using as my window manager and there was one feature I was missing from  that I really loved, dynamic tagging. So I did some google-ing, asked on IRC, but no one seemed to have a solution. So I tackled it myself. I ended up using (which is already used in i3) and python to implement my solution. I created several scripts and placed them in my ~/.i3/ folder.

The script can be found in a . Keep in mind the config part only needs to be added to the config file, do not overwrite it.

After you have pasted in those files, marked them each as executable with chmod +x ~/.i3/* you should be able to press Ctrl+T to show a prompt where you can type either the current tag names or a new tag name. The same works for Ctrl+Shift+T to move the current container (window) to a tag.

So in the example I have tags labelled 1, 10, 2, 3, 4 and blog. Blog is a new tag I opened up by pressing Ctrl+T and typing in 'blog'.

I hope this helped someone. I certainly find it useful for opening up the number of possible tags I have open.

Link to i3

Benjamin Kaiser

Benjamin Kaiser

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