Canvas and Three.js

Over the past few weeks I have been delving into canvas again (this time adding ), and I have been having so much fun.
It is like a perfect mix of art and programming for me.
I started touching canvas a few weeks back at a hackathon with Eden, since then I have moved from drawing simple text, to custom font text, to a full 3d game.
Here are the links to all the creations with a short blurb on each (if you just want the great ones go near the bottom).

Bubble Cannons (linkRandom colours spurting from the top and bottom, makes a nice (very processer intensive) screensaver.Underwater Bubbles (linkUse the mouse cursor to create white bubbles that float up to give the underwater bubble feel.
Good Morning Beautiful (linkA nice message I made for my friend to wake up to in the morning, using a custom font with a stroke.
Psy! (linkThis is my creation that was inspired by a context free art program I made. It has lots of options for rendering the image and you can even color in the pixels! The aim of the program is to think of what object you see in the squares and to paint them to convey what you see to someone else. This has been submitted to google as a chrome experiment however I am doubtful it has a chance.
Cursor Fun ():
Eden was making a website and we thought something fun to do while it had to load stuff would be fun, so I made this for him (this is just the canvas that layers behind ). It just adds some entertainment by making the cursor do something cool.
Bubble Cannons in Three.js (linkThis was one of my first creations in Three.js, I just wanted to make something I already knew I had the code sorted for, I just needed to convert it from raw canvas implementation to Three.js.
SpawnPoint - Three.js ():

Benjamin Kaiser

Benjamin Kaiser

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